Training with Topline

Lesson Details

Laura's standard lessons often revolve around a specific skill, from equitation, to horse behavior, to a dressage movement, to the overall balance of the horse. From there, Laura incorporates a number of related exercises, on the ground and under saddle, to help both horse and rider find a clear understanding of the skill or concept.

If you have your own horse or you are more than welcome to trailer in to our facility in Apex, NC for a lesson. If you do not have a horse of your own, or you are interested in tuning up your riding on a different horse, Laura Rose runs a training program as well!

*All lessons are held at Green Level Equestrian, please inquire for any off-site training requests (rates subject to change).


Standard Lesson

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Private standard lessons are 45-60 minutes in length.

Shorter private lessons (30 minute), and group lessons are also available.


Training Programs

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Full training: consists of five weekly private lessons.

Partial training: consists of three weekly private lessons.

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For Your Consideration

Once you have some riding under your belt, Laura has numerous resources to help you find an appropriate horse to lease, or buy. Horse leasing/ownership isn't for everyone, but many people find that once they start riding all they want to do is RIDE MORE! And while multiple lessons a week are nice, having some time to ride on your own can be a useful learning tool to discover new things you would like to learn to do on or off the horse, and different goals for your lesson time!


While we want all of our riders to grow their equestrian skills and to have fun, our first priority for all of our riders is always safety. All riders must wear the appropriate safety gear during each lesson. Please wear boots/hard soled shoes and long/pants for all lessons.